The Investigation of Morphology Characteristics and Compositional Distribution of Tantalum Metal Coatings with Different Power Levels of Vacuum Plasma Spraying

Chi-sheng Chien, Wei-han Chin, Sheng-long Jeng, Tsung-yuan Kuo, Hui-yun Bor, Cheng Yang


Tantalum (Ta), a non-toxic metal, has become one of the most important medical materials, because of its excellent biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties. In this study, vacuum plasma spray (VPS), was utilized for the spraying process Ti6Al4V and Ta powder were utilized as substrate and coating material, respectively. Different levels of power were set for the coating parameters with the same conditions of plasma gas, plasma gas flow rate, powder feed gas, spraying stand-off distance and chamber pressure. The influence of Ta coating between morphology and chemical composition were investigated with different power levels. The results showed that all specimens have performed a good bonding between the substrate and coating. The coatings all display a rough surface with pores, which is beneficial to the joining of human bone tissue and the implant. With an increasing in power, the coating becomes denser to prevent the release of harmful ions. The hardness along the coating section is between 167 ± 11~ 229 ± 8 HV, and is relatively lower than the substrate (292 ± 10 HV). As a result, it can reduce the stress shielding effect between the implant and the human bone tissue.


Tantalum, Vacuum plasma spraying, Coating characteristics

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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