Thermal Analysis of Hybrid Excitation Generator for Distributed Generation Applications

Hai-lin GU, Zhong-hai LIU, Ying LIU, Wei MENG, Xing HUANG, Peng-Yu LIU


This paper presents a general thermal calculation method to analyze the thermal behaviors of hybrid excitation generators for distributed generation applications. The three-dimensional (3D) finite element method was adopted to calculate the temperature field of the air-cooled generator. The steady-state heat transfer mathematic and physical models were established, and hypothetical conditions were presented, together with boundary conditions and loads were calculated. The temperature field distributions under different operation conditions were achieved. The temperature field of a 12kW, 100rpm prototype was calculated, and the calculation results were compared with experimental data to verify the accuracy of the thermal calculation results.


Thermal analysis, Hybrid excitation generator, Distributed generation, Finite element method

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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