Review of Optimal Allocation Methods of Energy Storage in Different Applications of Power System

Quanquan Wang, Guojing Liu, Bingyu Sang, Chen Zhou, Qun Zhang


With widely application of energy storage technology in power system, the function and configuration method of energy storage system (ESS)in different scenarios have become the focus. In the grid side, energy storage can participate in safety accident response, power grid frequency control, peak shaving, power grid upgrading delay and easing transmission line congestion, etc. In the power supply side it is mainly used to improve the power supply flexibility and controllability; In the user side it is mainly used to improve power quality, arbitrage through peak valley, as well as providing uninterrupted power supply to ensure reliability. Due to different application conditions and purpose under different scenarios, energy storage configuration requirements are also vary. So it leads to various configuration method and lack of a unified evaluation index. In this paper, the existing optimization configuration method their respective advantages and disadvantages are analyzed, and then, the ideas, principles and basic evaluation index in common scenario are summarized. It provides reference basis for energy storage optimization in power system.


energy storage allocation, grid side, power supply side, user


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