Optimal Allocation Method of Energy Storage Considering Probability Distribution of New Energy Power Fluctuation

Bingyu Sang, Bo Yang, Deshun Wang, Guanjun Li


With constantly increased penetration of new energy power generation such as wind and pv, it has imposed the challenges on operation and control of power systems due to power fluctuations. In order to reduce the influences, an optimal allocation method of energy storage considering probability distribution of new energy fluctuation is proposed. The probability distribution characteristics of different time-scale power fluctuations of new energy power are obtained by probability statistics. According to the probability distribution characteristics and fluctuation index, a probability indicator calculation model which contains time-scale and fluctuation amplitude is set up. The model is then solved by iterative calculations to get minimum compensation power of the required energy storage. Thus, its rated power, capacity and initial state of charge are calculated. This method only compensates the fluctuated power that does not meet the fluctuation index, and has no impact on the power already satisfied. Through calculation and analysis using the data measured from a 50MW photovoltaic power station, the method is proved to be correct and effective.


new energy, power fluctuation, probability, energy storage, optimal allocation


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