Design of the HRV Analysis System Based on AD8232

Xiaoqiang Ji, Chunyu Ning, Chunhua Zhao, Xiaofeng Zhang


In order to accurately collect ECG signals and analyze HRV, the HRV analysis system was designed in this paper. The system used high integration and single lead analog front-end AD8232 chip, which only need two electrodes to measure the body's ECG signals. Simultaneously, the system takes low power consumption microprocessor MSP430 as the main core to collect and process the ECG signals. Then the ECG signals can real-time transmit to the computer through the Bluetooth. In the upper computer we real-time display the ECG signals, and HRV time domain analysis, frequency domain analysis, nonlinear analysis and other functions are realized. The actual test results indicate that the ECG signals collected are accurate, stable, and less noise, and the time domain and frequency domain analysis results are accurate, reliable. The system is low power consumption, small size, which can realize the basic function of HRV analysis.


ECG; AD8232; HRV; Bluetooth; msp430


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