Design and Implementation of Remote Data Exchange System for Celestial Tracking Observation

Gaoyu Jiang, Xingxing Wang, Jingchang Pan


In the process of astronomical research, interaction of remote data is needed during celestial tracking and observation, and the system described in this paper has achieved this goal. There are three different roles in the system: task makers, observers, and data analysts. The task maker releases information about the celestial objects to be measured, and the observer records the logs online and updates them in real time. The data analyst can process data, analyze the results and publish them. The system realizes remote and real-time tracking of candidate celestial bodies conveniently and quickly. In this paper, key technologies used in the system are briefly introduced, and the analysis and design of the system are rendered by UML. Finally, the implementation and operation of the main functions of the system are described. After a period of practical application, the system runs stably and efficiently, and has reached the goal of tracking observation of candidate celestial bodies and remote data exchange, which achieved the anticipated effects.


UML, JSP, Servlet, MySQL


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