The Design of Dual-Polarized Stripline Dual-H Shape Slot Microstrip Antenna

Xiong-jie JIN, You-wei LIU, Xiao YU, Guo-qiang ZHAO


In this paper, a novel antenna that operating in the low frequency band of the fifth generation mobile communication system (5G) is proposed. In this antenna the stripline is creatively used to excite a double “H” configuration slot-coupled patches. The cross polarization is less than -21 dB, the port isolation is less than -43 dB, and the measured impedance bandwidths for voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)£2 are 13%. Meanwhile, the gain of antenna unit is 6.85 dB. In general, this antenna demonstrated high performance in both isolation characteristics and bandwidth characteristics.


Stripline feed, Dual-H shape Slot, Microstrip antenna, 5G


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