A Broad Beam-Width Dual-Polarization Microstrip Dipole Antenna for 5G MIMO Application

You-wei LIU, Xiong-jie JIN, Xiao YU, Hou-jun SUN


A novel S-band antenna is proposed in this paper. The antenna consists of two layers of radiant dipole. The unit is capable of realizing broad beam-width of 144° in E-plane with isolation better than -35dB between two ports. The circular polarization can be achieved by exciting two ports with equal amplitude and 90° phase difference. Moreover, the axial ratio is less than 2dB in the antenna operating frequency band. At last, a triangular grid array with 64 elements is designed. The simulated results show that the designed array can meet the requirements of large scanning angle. It can be applied for the fifth generation mobile communications (5G) Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)base station.


Broad beam-width, Microstrip dipole, Antenna array


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