Purification of Vehicle Exhaust by Nano-TiO2 Loaded Activated Carbon Fiber

Qi-xia LIU, Qian ZHANG, Yi-ru ZHOU, Mei WANG, Tao JI, Qiang GAO


In this paper, various viscose-based Activated carbon fibers (ACFs) were prepared via steam activation and used as carrier for Nano-TiO2 to fabricate ACF/TiO2 photocatalyst and their textural structure and surface morphology were characterized. The purification effects of various unloaded ACFs and nano-TiO2 loaded ACFs on vehicle exhaust were investigated. Results showed that both unloaded and loaded ACFs showed good purification effect on the four main harmful gases and the removal rates of HC and NOX are much higher than that of CO and CO2. Besides, the nano-TiO2 loaded ACFs showed higher removal rates under UV light due to synergistic effect occurred between the adsorption of ACF and the photocatalytic degradation of nano-TiO2.


Activated carbon fiber (ACF), Nano-TiO2, Vehicle exhaust, Purification 􀀀Synergistic effect


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