Microstructure and Property of Thin-wall Part by Laser Additive Manufacturing

Kai Zhang, Xiaofeng Shang, Xingyu Jiang


Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) of metals is a new rapid manufacturing technology, which combines with computer aided design, laser cladding and rapid prototyping. The advanced technology can build fully-dense metal components directly from CAD files with neither mould nor tool. Based on the theory of this technology, the comprehensive experiments are carried out with metal powder to systematically investigate the characteristics of microstructure morphology and mechanical property of as-formed thin-wall part. As a result, the grain-microstructure exhibits preferential growth direction; there are different microstructure distributions of as-formed thin-wall metal part; and SEM morphology of tensile fracture surface indicates the as-formed parts possess rather high ductility. Accordingly, significant processing flexibility with the LAM system over conventional processing capabilities is recognized, with potentially lower production cost, higher quality components, and shorter lead time.


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