Research and Development of the System of CBA Referee Image Point Playback

Li Shi, Li Jinsheng, Ma Lijun, Wang Can, Yuan Xiaodong, Yan Kai


In this paper, we develop a referee image acquisition system to establish the link between data and image to form a corresponding relationship, 1on the basis of the CBA Referee Spot Judgment Evaluation System (CAA) in 2012-2013. And the CBA referee's on - the - spot judgment video database is built. This study analyzes the overall demand and the function of each module at the demand of the system. And The whole system frame and the detailed module are designed. Finally the system is designed and tested. The system can easily query the various video clips, and can carry out various forms of comparison, statistical analysis. It can objectively reflect referees’ decision level; and provide the basis for the referee reasonable use and the referee training promotion. It also can provide the information for the referees' self-learning and improvement. And lay a solid foundation for the professional management of basketball referees in China.


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