Finite Element Analysis of the O-ring Squeezed into the Sealing Clearance Based on ABAQUS

Liejiang Wei, Qinghui Xiong, Xiaomei Luo, Xiaoxia Han, Feng Zhang, Hong Ji


Aimed at the phenomenon of the rubber O-ring material squeezed into the sealing clearance occurred practically in the engineering application, in this paper, ABAQUS was utilized to establish the axisymmetric model of the O-ring to describe the generation mechanisms of this phenomenon and the clearance biting defect caused by the squeezed phenomenon. After analyzing the core factors related to the squeezed phenomenon, the method of finite element was raised to prove the theory that improving the hardness of the sealing O-ring may work on developing the reliability of the O-ring. The final curve graph Von Mises ranged after the change of the medium pressure shows that choosing the proper hardness of the rubber O-ring in different pressure condition will develop the sealing liability which provides the strong basis to the selection of the rubber O-ring in practical application process.


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