The High-temperature Oxidation Resistance and Thermal Shock Resistance of Al2O3-Ti(C,N)-(Ni,Mo) Cermet Die Material

Xikun Li, Yahui Jin, He Wang, Fang Yin, Lin Shi, Xinyan Wang


The experiment prepared Al2O3-Ti(C,N)-(Ni,Mo) cermet die material by vacuum hot-pressing sintering method, and researched the high-temperature oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance by the method of SEM, XRD and metallographic microscope to analyze the material’s surface feature and phase ingredient. The results show that the Al2O3-Ti(C,N)-(Ni,Mo) cermet die material has better high-temperature oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance. The material have slight oxidation reaction in 800℃ and the reaction become sharply in 1000℃. After oxidation reaction, the staple resultant is TiO2. After 20h oxidation reaction in 1000℃, the material surface form platelike successive pyknotic oxidation film. The material’s critical temperature difference is 290℃~320℃, improving 26.1% and 45% respectively compared with Al2O3-Ti(C,N) and Al2O3 ceramics. Thermal shock damage mainly for criss-crossed and throughout the matrix crack.


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