Corrosion Behaviour of Pb-0.05%Sb Alloy and Pb in Boiling H2SO4 Aqueous Solution

Hukui Chen, Jianrui Liu


The corrosion behavior of Pb-0.05%Sb alloy and Pb in 40-60%H2SO4 solution under boiling condition has been investigated. The corrosion rate of the two melts was determined by hydrogen evolution and weight loss methods, and the surface of the corroded samples was examined by SEM, EDS, XRD and XPS techniques. It was found show that there was a significant increase in the corrosion rate in Pb-0.05%Sb alloy with an increase in H2SO4 concentration and temperature. However, for Pb a small increase in the corrosion rate was observed as compared to Pb-0.05%Sb alloy. These results suggest that the addition of trace amount of alloying element Sb to Pb reduced the corrosion resistance of Pb-Sb alloy in 40-60% boiling H2SO4 solution, especially in 60% H2SO4 solution.


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