Design of High Efficiency Pulse Power Amplifier for Alarm Based on Floating Ground

Jing-Hui HAN, Yong-Gao JIN


In this paper a high efficiency pulse power amplifier for alarm based on floating ground is proposed. This pulse power amplifier, adopting inductive flyback converter, can continuously change the input voltage from 10~30V to 2.5~18V by floating ground, and then provide pulse power driver with variable operating voltage. Thus, volume adjustment can be achieved continuously. This method can help avoid the use of expensive class D amplifier, and the whole circuit is simple and stable. It has wide working voltage, which can greatly reduce the cost, narrow the product category, and make convenient its maintenance and management, so that the competitiveness of products can be improved substantially.


Flyback converter, Floating ground, Pulse frequency, Volume adjustment, High efficiency, Wide voltage


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