Automatic Ultrasonic Testing for Components with Complex Surfaces

Dayong Guo, Guojun Jiang, Yue Wu, Jiayi Cheng


This paper deals with an automatic ultrasonic testing system for curved surface parts without CAD models in aerospace field, such as blades. The applied technology is mainly about automatic surface reconstruction algorithm and scan path planning algorithm. The automatic surface reconstruction algorithm is automatically sampling interpolating points on the component surface and then reconstructing the surface S(u,v) passing through the points with B-spline. The scan path planning algorithm is based on the surface S(u,v), which consists of feeding the scan lines with constant arc increment in v direction and subdividing the scan lines with constant arc increment. These algorithms were integrated into the five-axis water immersion ultrasonic testing system. In some experiments, the surface reconstruction algorithm can be proved to reconstruct the component surface model precisely and the scan path planning algorithm can be proved to scan the component surface uniformly and contribute to get uniform C-scan image.


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