Scale-depended Choice of Scanning Rate for AFM Measurements

Ştefan Ţălu, Dinara Sobola, Shahram Solaymani, Rashid Dallaev, Jitka Brüstlová


Three samples with different high of topography features were measured at different scanning rate. We also presented statistical and fractal analyses for definition of the surface morphometrics. They can be used for calculation and evaluation of the images' distortion that takes place during scanning rate and proved to be helpful while controlling the measurement. Basing on the results we came to the conclusion that fractal analysis, the statistical surface roughness parameters and AFM may provide us with a deeper understanding of the physical phenomena taking place in the sample-tip interface. This is why, fractal analysis and statistical surface roughness parameters are useful information for the further improvement of calibration system. This approach can be applied for choosing scanning parameters properly, taking into consideration the geometry of the sample and for the microscope calibration by geometrical sizes of features.


Fractal dimension, Micromorphology, Statistical parameters, Topography


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