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Micro-computed Tomographic Synchrotron Techniques for Non-destructive Testing of Out of Autoclave Composite Materials

J. Thompson, J. Olson, J. N. Cutler, N. Zobeiry, C. Mobuchon, J. Kay, A. Poursartip


The Canadian Light Source synchrotron uses an extraordinarily wide range of intense beams of light to investigate materials. One very powerful technique for investigating the internal structure of material in a non-destructive way is micro-tomography. In this presentation we will give examples of how this technique can used to non-destructively test and image out of Autoclave pre-preg composite materials. Examples will be shown, whereby the fundamental process that occur when carbon based composites are debulked can be followed in real time, using micro tomography, thus giving images of void evolution in out of autoclave pre-pregs

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