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Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Noncrimp CFRP Pipe by Braiding Technique

Yasuyoshi Kakita, Masaya Hirose, Asami Nakai, Tadashi Uozumi, Akio Ohtani


This study is aimed to introduce a non-crimp tubular preforming technique (MFW) by using braiding technique. Observing the fiber orientation state clarified that MFW CFRP pipe had non-crimp fiber structure. A new preforming mechanism was invented by improving MFW method from the productivity point of view. Results of calculation show that the improved MFW indicated 81% higher productivity than the braiding. It became clear that MFW method has a high potential to realize the high productivity. Furthermore, CFRP pipes with non-crimp structure were made by MFW, and the lateral compressive tests were performed in order to investigate mechanical properties comparing with braided CFRP pipes. From these results, it was clarified that non-crimp structure had the higher capability to improve bending modulus than braided structure for small winding angle such as 30°.

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