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Processing and Testing of Basalt/Wood Fibre Reinforced Recycled Plastic Composite Materials

Stephen Lee, Leo Lee, Marjorie Liu, Yihua Cui


In this study, wood/recycled plastic composite material (WRPCM) was first fabricated with the post-consumer high density polyethylene (HDPE) and wood flour using a single-screw extruder. To improve the interfacial adhesion between the wood fibre and the HDPE, alkaline, silane and maleic anhydride modified polypropylene (MAPP) were used as modifiers to treat wood fibre and the results are presented. The effects of wood fibre length, weight fraction and surface treatment on the mechanical properties of WRCP were investigated and presented. Fracture surfaces of tested WRPCM were examined and the fracture mechanism of WRPCM was also analyzed in this paper. Test results indicated that WRCP with wood fibre simultaneously treated by alkaline, silane and MAPP possesses improved mechanical properties as compared with the baseline. The content of wood fibre would affect the flexural strength and modulus of WPCM. In general, the mechanical properties of WRPCM are relatively low and may not be adequate for any structural applications. To improve the mechanical performances, continuous fibres would have to be used for reinforcement. Processing and testing results are presented and discussed.


recycled, plastic wood, basalt fibre, composite, HDPEText

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