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A Preliminary Study into the Effects of 10% Gelatin on RBK Skin Simulant and the Search for a New Zealand Alternative



Skin simulant used in ballistic evaluations should have mechanical properties similar to human skin. It is desired to use synthetic simulants for consistency. The Aim of the study was to determine the if RBK simulant can be utilized n 10% gelatin and if a NZ alternative could be locally sourced. Four simulants were evaluated with 10% gelatin backing: (i) RBK, (ii) NZ Natural Chamois, (iii) Super Cheap Autos (SCA) synthetic chamois, and (iv) SCA Real chamois Testing was carried out to determine the measured V50 of the simulants in comparison to the calculated V50 using a ball bearing with a sectional density of 2g/cm2. From this preliminary study it is shown that for a sectional density of 2g/cm2, all samples evaluated fall within the 35% margin of the predicted V50, however the RBK synthetic chamois is closest to the predicted V50.


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