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Design Optimization for a Launching System with Novel Structure



A launching system with novel structure using optimization method is investigated to improve the muzzle velocity of guns in this article. This system has two tandem chambers of which the front one is ignited first and the other is ignited after a while. The launching process of this novel system is modelled to discover the interior ballistic performance of this novel launching system. In order to obtain the optimal loading conditions, an optimization model combined with the combustion model is established. In this research, the optimization model is applied to the novel launching system and conventional launching system, and compared with the original scheme. Both optimal schemes can achieve higher muzzle velocity, while the novel method could improve by 24.6% and the conventional method could improve by only 15.2%. It means that this novel launch system could improve the interior ballistics performance significantly and it still has considerable potential to be ameliorated. This paper is an extended abstract of a paper published in Defence Technology in 2019.


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