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Shaped Charge Jet Penetration of Concrete Walls Using Charges of Different Sizes



The influence of the size of shaped charges on the penetration and perforation behavior of low-density brittle walls is investigated in this work. An incremental computation procedure for wall penetration was proposed earlier in combination with the Fireman-Pugh technique to provide a rapid answer for the use in fast running engineering tools. Shaped charges with three different diameters have been studied experimentally and compared with the computed results. Size-independent penetration and perforation of targets can be determined, provided that the charges are dimensionally proportional and the materials used have identical properties. However the three charges which are considered in this investigation show some differences, in particular concerning the liner geometry and the presence of a wave shaper. Therefore additional parameters are needed to describe the jet characteristics. The jet tip velocity, the velocity difference between the jet elements after breakup and a specific breakup criterion provide a good description of the stretching jet to perform modeling of charges with different sizes and different designs. If wall perforation and residual penetration performance are investigated, a separate RHA- penetration-depth curve needs to be established experimentally for each charge type.

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