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Study of Stick-propellant Gun Interior Ballistic Considering Internal Perforation Erosive Burning



Compared with the conventional randomly packed grain charge, a stick propellant charge system has advantages in higher loading density, better flame-spreading and lower pressure waves. To analyze the unslotted single-perforation stick propellant combustion, a new interior ballistic model considering the interior perforation erosive burning and the external gas region is established in this work. This model considers three regions, including the two-dimensional axisymmetric internal perforation gas region, the solid propellant region and the external behind the projectile base gas lumped parameter region. According to the numerical simulations, the model shows the ability to describe the stick propellant combustion process, as well as to reveal the internal perforation field. Erosive burning has a significant influence on the ballistics process, and it mainly occurs in the initial period of the ballistic cycle.

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