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Enrichment of Fluorinated Nano-TiO2 Composite on the Surface of Propellants



It is well known that fluoropolymers as surface modifying agents are well suitable for the preparation of low surface energy materials. This behaviour is related to the migration of the fluorinated chains at the air/solid interface, thus, leading to the surface enrichment in fluorinated groups. In this paper, fluorinated nanocomposite particles containing fluoropolymers in the shell and TiO2 nanoparticles in the core were used as an additive to tailor the surface properties of propellant to meet the requirements of progressive burning and anti-erosion performance of propellant for high loading density tank guns. The surface migration and enrichment effects of fluorinated TiO2 nanocomposite additives with low surface energy toward the air/solid interface of propellants were investigated. This study can boost the research of smart construction of slowing burning and anti-wear layer in the propellants.

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