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Progressive Die Stamped Steel Aerostable Penetrator Design and Flight Test Results



The US Army has been investigating an aerostable penetrator formed from sheetmetal using progressive die stamping technology. One advantage of this approach is that the penetrator shaft is substantially rectangular in cross section, increasing packing density relative to more conventional designs. A second advantage is that the sheet metal technology allows greater control of the tailfin geometry. The tailfin span can be increased beyond the limits that would be imposed by forging or swaging technologies if the increase is needed for optimal flight stability. The disadvantage of the sheetmetal technology is that conventional cruciform tailfins cannot be produced. The AMRDEC has investigated three tailfin design concepts and has found a configuration that provides both aerodynamic stability and good packaging density. This paper will provide an overview of the penetrator airframe design and will discuss flight testing aerodynamic results.

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