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Optimal Detonation Based on Ammunition Attitude Control in the Terminal Trajectory



Hitting accuracy and damage efficiency are eternal themes of the ammunition development. In recent years, new ammunition and advanced warhead are growing, and one of the common characteristics is that the damage element of warhead is concentrated on a particular direction. Therefore, the optimal detonation is affected by both the attitude of ammunition and the encounter trajectory. In this paper, an optimal detonation method based on the detonation time calculation and ammunition attitude adjustment is proposed. Firstly, detonation model is established in which both the encounter trajectory and the attitude are considered comprehensively. Secondly, the time window of attitude adjustment is proposed. Thirdly, the golden section control law based on the characteristic model is used to adjust the attitude to achieve optimal detonation. At last, Monte Carlo simulation results show that the method proposed in this paper can greatly improve the hitting accuracy of damage elements.

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