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An Instrumented 81-mm Mortar Target Platform for Dynamic Engagements of High Energy Laser Weapons



The Irradiance Collection and Reporting System (ICRS) contains an instrumentation package attached to an 81-mm mortar airframe to create a dynamic target platform to evaluate the effectiveness of high-energy laser (HEL) directed energy weaponry. At the airframe’s midbody is a self-powered Multifunctional Instrumentation and Data Acquisition System module that contains onboard inertial sensors and a telemetry system. An interconnected, separate, front cylindrical irradiance sensor module contains an array of hundreds of miniature fiber-optic detectors along its surface that connect to custom imager electronics inside to detect and measure HEL irradiance spot profile data. Analysis of the materials and coatings against HEL exposure were verified to ensure survivability of the telemetry system components and ICRS hardware. Extensive modeling and simulation were validated by several laboratory experiments conducted at U.S. Army facilities. Captive experiments with a 50-kW laser were also performed to assess the survivability and performance.

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