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Analysis of Super Large Caliber Cannon’s Attacking Efficiency Adopting Cross-section Interception Technology



Projectile shape coefficient, initial velocity and angle of fire determine the only trajectory of projectile for aeroballistics, so trajectory control can be realized exactly by changing these parameters. Cross-section interception technology has been proposed to carry out the saturation attack on group targets at long range. Applying the method of ballistics stimulation, the large caliber cannon weapon system’s efficiency of saturation attack is analyzed. The efficiency is determined by two main factors, the total mass of projectors and the attacking efficiency of single projectile. Thus trajectory control can realize that projectiles fire in turn, arrive in the predicted cross-section at the same time to destroy the target completely. Compared with missiles and rocket weapon, high-muzzle-velocity super large caliber recoilless weapon system with simple guidance device and high energy explosive has longer range, tactical surprise. It can destroy group targets completely on the ground or surfaces ships.

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