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Stewart Platform as a Tool to Study the Stabilization of Aiming Line of Cannon and Line of Sight of Tracking Head



This paper relates to the integration of main elements included in the new Polish 35 mm naval weapon system with a fire control system and presents a method to design and execute a subsystem used to stabilize the aiming line of 35 mm cannon and the line of sight of an optoelectronic tracking head. For this purpose, dynamic tests of a weapon system have been carried on a special test stand – so called Stewart platform (the term “six-axis†platform is also used). Devices placed on the top plate (i.e. main elements of naval weapon system) can be moved in the six degrees of freedom in which it is possible for a freelysuspended body to move. These are the three linear movements x, y, z (lateral, longitudinal, and vertical), and the three rotations pitch, roll, and yaw. The platform allows for examination of objects weighing up to 12 000 kg. The study and analysis of experimental results have contributed to a full integration of all components with the fire control system. The obtained results allowed for fast and effective implementation of the complete process of design, verification, and optimization of automated artillery system in industrial conditions. The obtained results will be verified in the course of maritime research.

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