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Selected Aspects of Small Calibre Pistol Ammunition Ballistics Statistical Analysis for Determining the Range Performance of



Requirements of modern battlefield forces usage of new, better, types of pistol ammunition. It is mainly caused by insufficient penetration capabilities and firing range of traditional 9 mm Parabellum ammunition. Also in close combat there is need for quick aiming, which is strongly connected to low recoil and controllability of a weapon. Because of those problems NATO countries started to develop new types of pistol ammunition to supersede 9 mm Parabellum ammunition in military use. Such works was also taken in early 70’s to exchange 9 mm Makarov ammunition in Soviet Union. Sole purpose of this article is to compare some internal and external ballistic parameters for different projectile types of 4,6x30 mm and 5,7x28 mm ammunition and additionally, for informative purposes, Soviet 5,45x18 mm ammunition.

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