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On Resonance of Dual-Spin-Stabilized Projectiles Equipped with Canards



To improve the strike precision of conventional spin-stabilized projectiles which are stockpiled in large amount at present over the world, a class of dual-spin-stabilized projectiles equipped with canards is investigated. This article presents a 7 Degree-of- Freedom (7-DOF) flight dynamic model and an accurate dynamic model of angle of attack (AOA). By simplifying and solving the model of AOA, the problem of resonance for this special spin-stabilized projectile is discussed. Simulation results indicate that the resonance may occur under the periodical action of canards, which is detrimental to flight stability. The effect of a variety of factors, such as canard deflection angles, canards placements, and the ratio of axial moment of inertia of the two bodies, on the amplitude of respond AOA is also studied through numerical simulation. All the work is useful for further research.

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