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Study on the Mechanism of Boundary Layer Induced Flow Control Based on Low Temperature Plasma



Dielectric barrier surface discharge plasma active drive control technology can significantly improve the aerodynamic performance, has become research hot topic at home and abroad. Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) as a kind of mesoscopic calculation method, can more effectively reflect the mechanism of plasma near the boundary layer control air movement. A multi-components LBM for weakly ionized plasma is employed in our simulation. A term to describe the plasma ionization, recombination and charge attachment has been added in the equations. An induced flow by surface dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator is simulated. The distributions of electrons, positive ions, and negative ions near the solid wall were obtained. It was found that the charge mainly distribute on the on the dielectric surface upper the embedded electrode. The flow field and velocity profile near the surface was obtained. The dynamic pressure distribution of the boundary layer movement driven by the surface discharge plasma under atmospheric pressure are measured, the velocity distribution are obtained. It was found the plasma actuators can significantly increase the velocity of an induced flow at the boundary layer.

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