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Some Features and Applications of Ballistic Science and Technology in China



China continues a broad spectrum of research on Ballistics to provide insight and resolution of major technical challenges. The current situation and development of Ballistics of China in recent years are presented as follows: (1) Weapon launching theory and technology. In recent years, some important achievements have been made in the field of new launching technologies, such as electrothermal-chemical (ETC) gun and electromagnetic (EM) railgun in China. At present, it is viable for the ETC gun to be applied in the engineering field. And the prototype system for demonstrating the focused technology has been designed, manufactured and tested for EM railgun. Small and medium caliber spin tube guns have been produced, and the investigations on the weapon safety and launching dynamics have also been conducted. (2) Theory and technology of propulsion and extended range for projectiles and rockets. The compound extended range of the howitzer and tactical rocket weapons have been increased in a great extent. Some investigations have been made in the fields of high energy propellant, shell material of high intensity and light weight engines, aerodynamic drag reduction, etc. (3) Precision theory and technology of projectiles and rockets. In recent years, many kinds of guided and precision technologies have emerged out of laboratory research, such as, the terminal sensitive, trajectory correction, guided and terminal guided, and simplified-control, etc., which greatly enhanced the probability of hitting target. (4) Theory and technology of high efficient terminal lethality. The penetration performance of nano-grained composite material of penetrator has been improved significantly. The passive mass of the penetrator has been reduced by the means of magnesium matrix composites. The damage power of ammunition has been enhanced with the application of composite explosives. Some breakthroughs have been achieved in the formation and transition mechanism of multi-damage models, explosion control technologies. The penetrating law of multilayer advanced composite armor and stability of explosive reactive armor have been studied, the mechanism of high-velocity penetration and the evaluation method have also been proposed. Most significantly, China has elevated its emphasis from ballistic science and technology development to the fires application. In concert with the recent efforts on precision, longrange, high-efficient lethality of fires, it is anticipated that the pull of these applications will enable even greater advances in ballistics science and technology.

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