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High Damping Values of Sandwich Structures with Polymer Composite Face Sheets and Foam Cores



Structures with high damping and reasonable stiffness values are demanded by designers of aerospace and automotive sectors as these features of the structures are remedies to the vibratory conditions that lead to malfunction of many electronics and mechanical components of aerial and land vehicles. In this study, sandwich structure beams with face sheets of woven carbon fiber-reinforced polymer plies and a foam core have been manufactured to provide high damping performance. For this purpose, first, the beams from the carbon fiber plies with different fiber orientations were subjected to the vibrating beam test with free-free boundary conditions, and their damping and flexural modulus values were obtained. It was found that the plies with 450 angle gave the highest damping value with a reasonable modulus. The same test procedure was also applied to the bare foam beams to obtain their dynamic values. Eventually, the plies with the 450 angle were selected as face sheets for the sandwich beams that yielded reasonably high damping and equivalent flexural modulus values. The data obtained from each constituent material, the laminate face sheets and the core, were used as input data for modal simulations of the sandwich beams using a Finite Element Method.


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