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Multiscale Analysis of Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Boron Nitride-Reinforced Epoxy Nanocomposites



The effect of size, shape, morphology, and arrangement of micro constituents of Boron Nitrite (BN) nanoplatelet/epoxy composites on their properties were investigated using a multi scale approach that includes Molecular Dynamics (MD) and micromechanics. The thermo-mechanical properties of the composites were evaluated using molecular theory and the analysis showed that the elastic constants of BN/epoxy composites were not severely affected by temperature. Also, the micromechanical analysis of Generalized Method of Cells (GMC) was utilized at higher length scale to evaluate elastic properties of the composites, for different geometries and arrangements of micro constituents. The predicted results of the analysis showed that the size, aspect ratios, morphology, and the arrangements of inclusions in BN/epoxy nanocomposites all have remarkable effect on the mechanical performances of the material systems.


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