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Topology Optimization of Plate Structures with Anisotropic Materials



This work presents a topology optimization method for the design of structures composed exclusively of rectangular plates made of a predetermined, generally anisotropic material. The geometry projection method is employed to map the highlevel geometry and material properties to a fixed grid for the analysis, thus circumventing the need to re-mesh upon each design iteration. We also impose an overlap constraint in the optimization that reduces waste material when fabricating structures by cutting and joining rectangular plates. We demonstrate our method with a numerical example comparing optimal cantilever beam designs obtained using isotropic- and orthotropic-material plates. For this example, we maximize the stiffness of the structure for a fixed amount of material, and we impose a constraint to reduce overlaps between plates. The examples demonstrate the importance of considering material anisotropy in the design of plate structures. Moreover, it is demonstrated that an optimally stiff design for plates made of an isotropic material can exhibit poor performance if the plates are naively replaced with an anisotropic material.


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