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Prediction of PEEK Resin Properties for Processing Modeling Using Molecular Dynamics



Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) have been the subject of many recent studies due to their outstanding characteristics. For the processing of PMCs, a wide range of elevated temperatures is typically applied to the material, leading to the development of internal residual stresses during the final cool-down step. These residual stresses may lead to net shape deformations or internal damage. Also, volumetric shrinkage, and thus additional residual stresses, could be created during crystallization of the semi-crystalline thermoplastic matrix. Furthermore, the thermomechanical properties of semi-crystalline polymers are susceptible to the crystallinity content, which is tightly controlled by the processing parameters (processing temperature, temperature holding time) and material properties (melting and crystallization temperatures). Hence, it is vital to have a precise understanding of crystallization kinetics and its impact on the final component's performance to accurately predict induced residual stresses during the processing of these materials. To enable multi-scale process modeling of thermoplastic composites, molecular-level material properties must be determined for a wide range of crystallinity levels. In this study, the thermomechanical properties and volumetric shrinkage of the thermoplastic Poly Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK) resin are predicted as a function of crystallinity content and temperature using molecular dynamics (MD) modeling. Using crystallization-kinetics models, the thermo-mechanical properties are directly related to processing time and temperature. This research can ultimately predict the residual stress evolution in PEEK composites as a function of processing parameters.


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