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A Peridynamic Model for Analyzing Crack Propagation in Unidirectional Composite Lamina



In this paper, the bond-based peridynamic model is modified to study dynamic crack propagation in orthotropic composite materials. The peridynamic material constant is extended to a continuous micro-modulus constant C􀰠for orthotropic materials. C􀰠changes continuously from along the fiber direction to transverse to the fiber direction with a very good orthotropy compared to the change of Young’s modulus in a lamina from along the fiber direction to the transverse to the fiber direction. Moreover, unlike all previous peridynamic models predicting bonds’ failure by using one critical strain energy release rate, this model investigated the impact dynamic crack propagation process by inputting an in-situ crack velocity related dynamic energy release rate. The crack propagation process and crack velocity is validated with comparison to the impact experimental results.

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