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Low Velocity Impact Damage Analysis of Nylon-66 Nanofiber Interleaf Composite Laminate



Electrospun Nylon-66 nanofiber was used in AS4/3501-6 carbon/ epoxy prepreg to fabricate a quasi-isotropic base and interleaved laminates. The areal density of Nylon-66 nanofiber in the interleaved laminate was varied from 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 g/m2, which translate to 0.23, 0.69 and 1.15% interleaved weight percentage. The base and interleaved laminate were impact tested. The Nylon-66 nanofiber interleaving increased the overall thickness by maximum 2.5%, the mass and the ply areal density of the three interleaved laminates increased by maximum 1.4% and 1.4%, respectively. The interleave effect on the threshold impact force and energy for 0.23% interleaved laminate are slightly 8% and 16% respectively. The threshold impact force and energy for 0.69 and 1.15% interleaved laminates improved significantly by 42 and 89 for 0.69% interleaved and for 1.15% interleaved is 45 and 97%, respectively. The damage growth rates for the three interleaved laminates decreased by 12, 32 and 48%.

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