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Cure Kinetics of Several Epoxy-Amine Systems at Ambient and High Temperatures

Monoj Pramanik, Eric W. Fowler, James W. Rawlins


Cure reactions and extent of reaction are critical parameters of an epoxy-amine system that influence its performance. The curing reaction of an epoxy resin with an amine may be accompanied by side reactions such as etherification. Commercial epoxy resins were cured with different commercial amines at ambient as well as elevated temperatures. Below 200 °C, only epoxy-amine reaction was noted to occur while the etherification reaction was observed at cure temperature of 200 °C with epoxides containing a tertiary amine moiety. The effect of tougheners on the cure of epoxy-amine system was also investigated. It was noticed that tougheners like core-shell rubber particles do not restrict the epoxy-amine system from proceeding to completion.

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