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Experimental Eco-Friendly Sustainable Surfactants for Preparing Acrylic and Vinyl Acrylic Latexes for Architectural Coatings

Azhar Awan, David Vanzin, Nimal Jayasuriya


Many surfactants are derived from petroleum based raw materials. However consumer, industry and government groups are forcing the chemical industry to look for substitute products based on naturally derived and renewable raw materials that are sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly. In an effort to address this unmet market need, a number of experimental sustainable surfactants were synthesized. These experimental surfactants were analyzed for CMC, solids, surface tension, foam, freeze-thaw stability and color. Selected experimental candidates were then screened for their functionality as primary emulsifiers in acrylics and vinyl acrylics emulsion polymer seed synthesis. Those candidates that showed promising results in the seed latex synthesis were then utilized to synthesize high solids, full blown acrylic and vinyl acrylic latexes via in situ-seeded and seeded processes. The performance of these candidates in the emulsion polymerization processes were compared with various industrial benchmarks. This paper will present information demonstrating that at a 1.5% concentration, these sustainable surfactants offer excellent suitability and versatility for the synthesis of acrylics and vinyl acrylics high solid latexes and also offered superior and cleaner processes. Information will also be presented on the influence of these surfactants on latex stability, freeze thaw performance and particle size. Data will also be presented on the influence of the experimental surfactants on latex film appearance, blush and adhesion properties. Audience feedback and interest will assist in shaping future project direction.

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