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Protective Colloids Based Emulsion Polymers for Improving Properties of Zero VOC Coatings

Kaliappa Ragunathan, Jens Hartig, Xavier Mollat-du-Jourdin, Alan Smith, Arno Tuchbreiter, Bogdan Moraru


The performance of "zero" VOC latex paints is constrained by the need to maximize two mutually conflicting properties: film formation and film hardness. Typical market products compromise film hardness in order to achieve film formation. The extent of this compromise has been mitigated by engineering multi-phase polymer particles to optimize film formation and by the employment of cross-linking chemistries to reinforce the polymer film. In order to further improve properties of latex paints formulated without using film forming aids, novel approaches and particle designs are necessary. This paper will discuss our most current work to eliminate this property compromise by controlling the water phase and designing hydrophobically balanced protective colloids that enhance both film formation and film hardness. TiO2 efficiency of these polymer particles will also be discussed.

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