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Thermotropic, Side-Chain Ordered Polymeric Coatings: Gas Permeability Switching via a Thermal Stimulus

James T. Goetz, Sergei I. Nazarenko


Rapid access to large areas of stimuli responsive materials is attractive in the field of membrane science for purification systems and molecular valves. Thermotropic liquid crystalline systems show sharp property changes through the smectic-LC transition induced by temperature. Comparison of similar amorphous and liquid crystalline systems allows for the elucidation of the characteristics of LC phase. Lightly crosslinked C6F13 and C8F17 perfluorinated side-chain acrylate networks were UV cured as thin films resulting in amorphous and thermotropic liquid crystalline thin films, respectively. Thermal and morphological characterization indicates a restructuring of the liquid crystalline phase through the isotropic transition, giving rise to increase in transport and free volume properties. The amorphous film showed no dramatic change in transport or free volume properties.

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