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The Second Annual Sidney Lauren Memorial Lecture: High Mole Alkylphenol Ethoxylate-Free Sulfates for Emulsion Polymerization

Kip Sharp, Melanie Sharp


High mole alkyl ether sulfates are one of the major surfactant classes often used to provide the necessary micelle stabilization in emulsion polymerization. Traditionally, this type of sulfate has been based on alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs). Their good cost/performance coupled with their distinctive structural and physical properties have led to their widespread use in emulsion polymerization. Emulsion producers desire alternative surfactant options which are free of APEOs due to increasing pressure due of potential environmental risks. Narrow range (NR) alcohol ethoxylates based on different hydrophobic feedstocks have previously been shown to be effective as APEO alternatives in emulsion polymerization. Based on the success of this previous work, a number of NR alcohol ethoxylate high mole ether sulfates were synthesized and examined in a model emulsion polymerization system in comparison to traditional high mole APEO anionic emulsifiers.

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