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Failure Prediction in Thick Composite Laminate Subjected to Bolt Loads



This study introduces a finite element model which is incorporated with maximum stress failure criteria to predict failure initiation point in a thick laminated composite subjected to clamping load of a bolt joint. Desired specific strength and specific stiffness of composite materials make them an appropriate choice for manufacturing of aerospace structures where weight reduction is critical. However, it is required that the structure fulfills strength requirements. So far thin composites have been widely utilized because of their less complicated structural behavior. Recently, more attention has been paid to the application of thick composites in different industries. Yoke of the helicopter is a critical part in the system which is made of thick composites. Since design of the yoke impose high costs on companies, introducing a finite element model which is able to predict stress and strain in thick composites can help the designers to reduce the number of iterative costly experimental tests.

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