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An IoT Enabled Framework to Support Structural Health Monitoring Applications



Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a vital tool to improve the safety and maintainability of critical structures such as bridges and buildings. SHM is an approach to continuously collect data about critical structural elements using sensors to monitor and assess the condition of the structure; the sensory data includes loadings, stresses, strains, accelerations, temperature, and video signal, etc. Hence, it provides real-time and accurate information about the structural health condition. Wireless Structural Health Monitoring (WLSHM) is a promising solution to alleviate the cost and labor associated with the cabled monitoring system. Most WLSHM deployment scalability is constrained by the type of platform used for an existing deployment. These singlepurpose platforms are costly to covert for any new task or functionality in a system. Towards this end, to overcome the challenges listed, the paper proposes an open source IoT based framework to support WLSHM. The proposed framework enables ubiquitous services and powerful processing of sensing data streams beyond the capability of the traditional SHM system. The framework requires little or no domain knowledge for its deployment and operations and supports cheap, yet effective commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) consumer products and open source technologies including Arduino boards and Raspberry Pis.


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