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Long Term Strain Monitoring and Management System of Retrofitted Bridges



A retrofitted/strengthened structure faces a challenge on how to suitable evaluate structural performance and serviceability, because of the structural parameters and the features might be changed after the retrofitting. Additionally, it is difficult to evaluate structural performance because of the possible unclear structural damages, e.g., material degradation, changed structural internal stress distributions. Therefore, we need a sensitive index, that can directly show the structural performance, when we design a monitoring system for a retrofitted structure. This work aims to assess the performance of a real strengthened bridge by using an area sensing system via long-gauge optic fiber sensors. The area sensing system was installed on the bridge before the strengthening project, and it contained 4 -sensing-areas which covered four different key areas of the bridge. From the area sensing system, the strains distributions throughout the important areas of the bridge were obtained, and the strain responses before and after the strengthening were compared to effectively evaluate the strengthening effect. Furthermore, the strain responses towards traffic loading were continuous monitored to evaluate the structural behavior after strengthening. Information and statistics on daily, monthly and annual traffic amount were provided. The typical strain responses of the difference area, such as undamaged and strengthened-damaged area under different vehicles were discussed.


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