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Combined Laser Scanning and Image Based Monitoring of Large Infrastructure Objects



This article focuses on new approaches where laser scanning and image data are used together to determine relevant deformations and deficiencies of large infrastructure objects. In the first case study, a large concrete arch dam in the Alps was measured with a scanning image assisted total station (IATS). We performed a laser scan of the dam and simultaneously recorded overview and telescopic images with the integrated cameras of the instrument. It is shown that the laser scanning data can be used together with the imaging data to automatically generate ortho images. These rectified images can be used to determine damages of the dam surface, to characterize these damages and to calculate their size. The second cases study focuses on retaining walls along highways. For this application we use a mobile measurement platform consisting of two laser scanners, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a differential GNSS sensor and several cameras. We demonstrate that the combined analysis of the laser scanning and image data can be used to reliably determine and classify damages of retaining walls.


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