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Predictive Maintenance of Ground Power Supply System for Tramways –Anomaly Detection and Localization



Health assessment of railway infrastructure is challenging and expensive, mainly because of the extensive length of the railway network and also due to the wide variety of defects that could affect the tracks. Early warning systems that minimize the disruption of the network can have a beneficial impact on the reliability and on the availability of the infrastructure. In the context of its predictive maintenance program, Alstom aims at offering Prognostics and Health Management tools to detect and diagnose different types of degradations on the track infrastructure and to prevent them. The Aesthetic Power Supply (APS) system aims at providing power to a tramway using a third rail located on the ground. Two current collector shoes are mounted on the train to collect the power. The APS rail is composed by consecutive powered sections and isolated sections. Infrastructure degradation or vertical misalignment of rails in turnout, for example, may induce shocks on the current collector shoes leading to the breakage of the collector shoe itself and may also lead to a service disruption. By detecting and localizing shocks on the APS rail, it is possible to precisely act on the APS infrastructure to fix it. The study presented in this paper is based on acceleration data measured at the current collector shoe. Data are collected during a mission over the entire APS network using an acquisition system with a GPS incorporated. Subsequently, the recorded data are analyzed to detect abnormal vibration levels for different ranges and to locate the abnormal vibration on the APS infrastructure using GPS information


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